There’s an interesting law in Finland called Everyman’s Rights, which basically allows anyone to pick any flowers, berries, mushrooms etc. that are growing in the wild. You even have free access to angling and ice-fishing in many places. Unlike back in the UK, you have rights even if you’re not the landowner and if you’re just in Finland to visit.

I’ve only started taking advantage of this in the past year and I still don’t trust myself with mushrooms – I was brought up fear the poisonous varieties e.g. anything that doesn’t come in a plastic box from the supermarket – but berries are a bit easier, so here are a few pictures from when Evie, Boris and I went out recently…

Picking Lingonberries

5 thoughts on “Picking Lingonberries

    • Wow, that was quick! My first public post and a comment in minutes, thanks! We did find a few blueberries in the Summer but apparently, ‘Blueberries grow in dry forests with pine trees’ said Evie, age 8.


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