About me

Hello, welcome to the home of the Explore Finland Radio Show, my name is Mark Wiltshear.  I am British, originally from London and now an escapee from Brexit Britain. I live in Seinäjoki with my wife, Satu, our collection of teenagers and Boris the Dog.

I was made redundant from my previous job in summer 2013, and life has been something of an adventure since then. I co-founded a business (my first!) in Seinäjoki, Xport, which exists to help Finnish companies become more international and to find new customers overseas. I have since started my own solo enterprise, Mark Wiltshear TMI, as well as a membership association, E-P WIISE ry, which aimes to help people who move to Etelä-Pohjanmaa to settle into work life and integrate into society.

My interests include football (watching more than playing nowadays) and I’ve been a fan of AFC Wimbledon and Wimbledon FC since I was a kid. I miss attending their games, but to feed the addiction I’ve become a regular at home games of Seinäjoen Jalkapallokerho (Seinäjoki Football Club, or SJK).

I’m also passionate about new music (listening/watching rather than playing) pretty much anything goes except Heavy Metal and Opera. I also enjoy going to the cinema and now thekids can see almost-adult movies, it’s getting more and more fun to take them along with me, Sci-Fi and Superheroes are usually on the menu (as long as we avoid romantic comedies, I’m normally happy!)

I suspect that many of these topics might crop up from time-to-time on the Explore Finland Radio Show, you can read more about my inspiration for the show on the Home page, also the Suomeksi page. The shows are published in seasons, with episodes released weekly during the season, plus extra content on this website. Why don’t you come along for the ride and see where it takes us?

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