Discovering Salibandy* in Seinäjoki (*Floorball, Unihockey…)

Episode 11

In this episode I get an introduction to the game of Salibandy (Floorball; Unihockey; Innebandy) from Tuukka Kiviranta, who plays for the high-flying SPV team from Seinäjoki. Tuukka explains the rules and tactics of the game, and tells me about the history, and recent success of SPV.

Guest: Tuukka Kiviranta, Floorball player

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Show Notes

For this episode I was lucky to be joined by Tuukka Kiviranta,  who plays Salibandy player for SPV (Seinäjoen Peliveljet) who are top team, not only, in Finland but also in Europe as well.Tuukka was so kind enough to spend some time talking to me about the basics of the game.

He explained how the game was started back in 1970 by University students in Sweden. You can see the influence of Ice Hockey in the roots of Salibandy. The game is set up in a similar way to Hockey in a ring with walls, and the quick, regular transfer of players as substitutes into the game. Tuukka also explained about the recent history of SPV and how the current head coach, Tommy Koponen, was one of the original founders of SPV back in 1990.

You can also hear as Tuukka tell me how SPV has experienced some some real success in the past five years. In the domestic league they’ve won two bronze medals, followed a silver medal and then two, successive golds. There has also been progress  in European competition, where they’ve won a silver medal and, although last year was that not so successful, SPV is aiming once more for European honours in 2015.

After speaking to Tuukka before attending the SPV vs SalBa game on 20.2.2015. You can hear as Tuukka explained to me a little  about the different tactics in the game, and SPV were planning to start
that game really quickly against SalBa. That clearly clearly was in effect during the game where, after the first period SPV were 5-0 ahead.

I thought you might also be interested in watching highlights from the game that I attended.

Finnish Words in this Episode

  • Seinäjoen Peliveljet – Lit. Seinäjoki’s Game Brothers. Seinäjoki’s top floorball team, abbreviated to SPV
  • Seinäjoki – Lit. Wall-river; the river that gives it’s name to the home town of SPV (and me!)
  • Uimahalli-urheilutalo – Sports hall-swimming pool



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