Mark Wiltshear’s podcast about things to do when you visit Finland! Nature, activities, culture, sport and more…

What is a podcast?

The word ‘podcast’ is a portmanteau word, comprised from the words iPod and broadcast. It is a method of broadcasting content  via the internet, popularised by the Apple iPod, and allows anyone to produce and broadcast audio content; a Podcaster.

There are, generally, three categories of podcaster:

  • Traditional radio broadcasters – whose podcasts are usually an edited version of their regular shows – these have usually had the adverts removed, which is a bonus!
  • Independent enthusiasts – individuals with something to say about a particular subject. This can include professional broadcasters who also have an independent show, as well as people like me.
  • Newspapers & magazines – increasingly, publishers are recording podcasts as a way of maintaining an audience. These shows can include highlights from the most recent printed edition, a reading from an article and, also, panel discussions on a variety of subjects; sport, politics, business, movies…

What is this podcast about?

I’ve been visiting Finland since 1999 and living in Seinäjoki since 2011, so I’ve had an opportunity to learn about the culture and understand what the country has to offer, but it bothers me that people outside of Finland don’t ‘get it’:

  • ‘Finland? What kind of place is that to live in?’
  • ‘Is it cold all year round?’
  • ‘I only know that Finland is a small country.’

Finland just does not sell itself overseas, and I’ve never understood why? Pretty much the only time I saw Finland on TV in the UK, was for the final ‘funny’ story; footage of the wife-carrying / mobile phone throwing / swamp football / (the now defunct) sauna competition, it’s no real surprise no-one really understands Finland. Of course, many of my compatriots have visited Rovaniemi to track down Santa Claus and they all love the experience but, of course, we don’t all live like that 365 days a year!

I want this show to offer a view of everything else that Finland has to offer. I don’t believe that every potential visitor wants the traditional tourist attractions ( as my friend Paul said ‘Every other country has zoos and theme parks.’) There are many people that would appreciate what makes Finland different; nature, outdoor activity, a different culture, seasons that actually change. Not everyone wants sun, sea, sand & sangria every time they go on holiday, some might appreciate 24 hour daylight, lakes, summer cabins and Koskenkorva!

Over the forthcoming weeks, months and years, I plan to visit different places, events, attractions and activities. Initially focusing on the Etelä-Pohjanmaa (South Ostrobothnia) region, but eventually moving further afield. I will talk to people who have a connection to each one and learn a bit more  about each. Of course, I will record these conversations to share on my podcast. I will also make notes available on each show, including reminders, links, photos and some Finnish words. You will find the links to these in the menu at the top of every page.

I will use the journal page (in the menu at the top) to highlight smaller items that add ‘colour’ to my stories from Finland, so keep an eye out up there.

Finally, why not subscribe to my mailing list, then every time I publish notes for a new show, you can receive them straight into your inbox – it’ll also work as a reminder that there’s a new episode for you to listen to.

I hope you enjoy the show. Welcome to the real Finland – Tervetuloa!


  1. I really like the show. You are doing a fine job explaining the little facets of normal every week Finnish life.


    1. Thanks Kurt, I’m glad you like it. How did you find the show? Where are you located? Please help me spread the word, in whatever way you want. Keep exploring!
      ◊◊◊ Mark ◊◊◊


    1. You really do, Frank. I have a couple of friends here in Seinäjoki who are Michigan-born Finns. They both found spouses from Finland and have moved here. I like the fact they’ve re-migrated a few generations later, but it’s not obligatory, you are allowed to visit and return home 🙂
      Thanks for reading/listening to the show, it’s appreciated!


  2. Nice job on the website Mark, it was a pleasure running into you at Provinssi and by proxy at the SJK footy game. Finland certainly has a great deal to offer and I hope I may be able to contribute at some point. Keep up the good work!


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