High-speed Motor Racing On Ice at Botniaring

Episode 12

In this episode, I speak to race organiser Kristiina ahead of the VillaAPR Icerace at the Botniaring race track in Jurva, Etelä-Pohjanmaa. Listen as she tells me about the meeting, the track and the facilities, before I visit the APR Icerace in February 2015.

Guest: Kristiina Vaalasmaa

Download an MP3 file of High-speed Motor Racing On Ice at Botniaring

Show Notes

Unlike many of my Finnish friends, I don’t have petrol running through my veins but when the opportunity came up to go and watch cars racing at high speed on ice, I couldn’t say ‘no’. Big thanks to Kristiina for taking the time to explain to me about her event, the Villa APR Icerace, which took place at the Botniaring track, in the middle of February 2015.

In this episode you will hear Kristiina tell me about the Villa APR, the function venue adjacent to the Botniaring track. It’s an interesting aspect of Finnish society, hiring a venue like this for business
events and meetings, which includes a sauna, catering and, sometimes, overnight accommodation. I’ve not yet attended such an event although, only today, I heard about a ‘Sauna Breakfast’ business event which amused Finnish colleagues, that’s a new one even for them!

Botniaring is a 4+ kilometres track in the middle of the Etelä-Pohjanmaa countryside, near the small town of Jurva. As Kristiina explains in the podcast, it is used for both testing and racing events –  primarily through the summer season – if you follow the link below to the Botniaring website, you’ll find details of other events throughout the year.

On the day of my visit, the Ice Race event, for small ‘Legends’ cars, saw a programme of heats followed by the final at the end of the day. There was also the opportunity to ride in a rally car around the ice track, as well as a snowmobile track, one for adults and the other for children. It proved to be a popular family day, I saw the full range of people from a baby boy in his pushchair, to a grandmother with her grandchildren.

Here’s the short video I recorded at the race

Finnish Words in this Episode

  • Botniaring – race track in Jurva, Western Finland, used for organised races, as well as high-speed driving in your own vehicle
  • PRT Testirata – Company that provides both driver training and vehicle testing at the Botniaring
  • Vauhtiajot – (Pronounced: Vow-tee-eye-yot) Race & Rock event in Seinäjoki in July. Two days of street racing (on the edge of town) and two nights of live music (in the centre of town)


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