SJK Seinäjoki – 2015 Season Review. Veikkausliiga Champions | Suomen Mestari


Episode 21

Lari returns to the pod to reveal his highlights from following SJK Seinäjoki in 2015. Spoiler alert, it has a very happy ending!

Guest: Lari Paski, Supporters Liaison Offer, SJK Seinäjoki

Download MP3: SJK Seinäjoki – 2015 Season Review. Veikkausliiga Champions | Suomen Mestarit

Show Notes

Epsiode 21 was hastily arranged, recorded and published, so the written notes are fairly brief, hopefully the photos and videos below make up for that. It’s always a pleasure to speak to Lari about football, and this was no exception. We tried to keep the conversation to 30 minutes but, as you can see from the 50 minute running time, we failed. Oh well!

Here you will hear Lari and I talking about SJK’s second Veikkausliiga campaign, which climaxed with a dramatic final day when SJK laboured to a victory over FF Jaro, to be crowned Champions – Suomen mestarit! We talk about SJK’s first foray into Europa League football, and why some of the players flew Direct to Iceland 1st class, while the others flew via Berlin and lost their luggage. As Morrissey sang ‘It’s funny now, but at the time it was terrrible.’

The reasons for SJK’s mid-season slump are considered before we move on to talk about the two loan signings, including Liverpool FC’s new wunderkind, Allan Souza. He’s welcome back in Etelä-Pohjanmaa anyday, whether he decides to come is another question!

Looking forward to season 2016, Lari tells me about SJK’s first new player, 18 year old Aleksis Lehtonen, who has already been signed from JJK Jyväskylä. Naturally, we get excited about the proposed new stadium in Seinäjoki – ‘Finland’s first proper football stadium’ Lari claims. The plans are that this will be ready just in time for SJK’s first appearance in the Champions League. Exciting times to be an SJK fan.

Photo Gallery: 2015 Season in Pictures

YouTube video: Allan Souza Shows Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp His SJK medal and Shirt

YouTube video: The Planned Seinäjoki Stadium, coming June 2016

Finnish words in this Episode

  • Veikkausliiga – The top division of Finnish football
  • Kannattajat – Supporters
  • Suomen mestarit – Champions of Finland


Next episode – How Much Does Finland Love Ice Cream?

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