‘Jokkis’ Finnish Folk Racing – Motor Sport for ‘Everyman’


Episode 20

Emilia explains the basics of Jokamiehenluoka/Jokkis/Finnish Folk Racing, before getting behind the wheel on race day.

Guest: Emilia Uutela, Andrenalin-junkie Jokkis Driver

Download MP3: ‘Jokkis’ Finnish Folk Racing – Motor Sport For ‘Everyman’

 Show Notes

I think that, for this subject, pictures speak a thousand words, so there are many photos and videos below. That said, in this episode, Emilia takes time to introduce me to Jokkis racing, or Finnish Folk racing. This is the entry-level of car racing in Finland, where you can start racing in the year you turn 15 years of age.

Emilia races the cars herself and took some time to explain them;  small cars, with all unnecessary equipment removed and a souped-up engine. As you can see from the photos, the body work is not given much more attention than a coat of paint. You can hear Emilia explain why; it’s because every car is available for purchase after every race!

The photos also show the track that we visited near Härmä, South Ostrobothnia. Normally, they start with a tarmac starting grid which soon gives way to dirt, mud or even snow & ice. On the day we watched Emilia in action, it was warm, sunny and dusty. We were able to watch her in three races, but you’ll have to listen in to see how she got on!

Short video: Our view from the ‘grandstand’

Photo gallery: At the track (see the starting grid with the grass mound Grandstand)

Photo gallery: A selection of Jokkis cars

Photo gallery: Emilia in action. The Star of the Show

Photo gallery: The aftermath of some crashes!

Just as this episode was broadcast, Emilia’s season ended. Here’s the details of her final placings.

  1. Lampinen, Anni Pun (MK/UA) 136 points
  2. Urén-Akkanen, Pia (HyUA) 100
  3. Uutela, Emilia (AL-Härmä) 99
  4. Hjort, Sirpa (OFK-125) 83
  5. Mäkelä, Heini  (OrSUA) 80
pohjanmaa series – 5 races (courtesy of JOKKIS.NET)
  1. Uutela, Emilia (AL-Härmä) 34 points
  2. Sandberg, Marika (KauhUA) 31
  3. Sainila, Mira (OuMK/UA) 31
  4. Junnonaho, Mari (OuMK/UA) 13
  5. Isomäki, Katja (AL-Härmä) 13

So, 3rd place overall and winner of the Pohjanamaa series seems like a pretty good season to me. Now it’s on to the winter racing – I think I’ll probably try to check it out. Jokkis on ice sounds like fun!

YouTube video: In-car of Emilia in action in a later race at Reisjärvi

Finnish words in this Episode

  • Jokamiehenluoka – Folk Racing
  • Jokkis – abbreviation of Jokamiehenluoka
  • Sorä – gravel
  • Mutka – curve
  • Katsomo – grandstand
  • Härmälääset Häjyylyt – The event that Emila was racing in during the recording. This is in the Pohjanmaa dialect, so is difficult to translate
    • Härmälääset – people from the town of Härmä
    • Häjyylyt – revellers


Next episode – SJK Season Review 2015 – Suomen mestarit!


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