In Competition on the Frisbee Golf Course


Episode 19

Pekka explains the rules, techniques and tactics of Frisbee Golf, before I join him on the course in the CityFrisbee Golf competition in Seinäjoki.

Guest: Pekka Hautala, Football commentator and Frisbee Golfer

Download MP3: In Competition On The Frisbee Golf Course

Show Notes

In this episode, Pekka explains to me the basics of Frisbee Golf and it’s more complicated than you might think. When we first met, Pekka talked me through the equipment; the basket, the frisbees or discs, and the course, made up of tracks (rather than holes). The metal basket is on a pole, at the top of which is a ring with chains hanging down into the basket. The idea is, hit the chains and your frisbee will land in the basket.

As you can see in the gallery below, there are many different ways to grip the disc, with a different technique required for long distance ‘driving’ or shorter ‘putting’. There are also many types of disc, each with a series of numbers that indicates how it will fly through the air.  We also talked about the rules and etiquette which are similar to golf i.e. who takes the first throw, and when is a disc in a tree out-of-bounds?

Photo gallery: Frisbee Golf equipment and techniques for gripping the discs

We then talked about the upcoming CityFrisbee Golf Competition. An urban, disc golf contest that was held in the centre of Seinäjoki in June 2015. Pekka was gracious enough to allow me to follow his team around the course, and to talk to me between some of the tracks.

Photo gallery: Walking the Course at the CityFrisbee Golf Competition

Video clip: Pekka in Action at the Competition

Finally, I spoke to Juha Juntunen from TD Productions who organised a four-date Frisbee Golf tour around Finland in 2015. Juha explains the inspiration behind the competition and his hopes for the future.

YouTube video: CityFrisbeeGolf Tour promo video


Next episode – Jokkis Racing: Motor Sport for ‘Everyman’


  1. Hi – just listened to Season 2, Episode 19, interesting. I waited till the very end to hear how Pekka and his team finished the day’s competition but the results never came! How did it turn out?


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