Mark Wiltshear’s 12 Minute Conversation with Engel Jones

Season 3, Episode 39
For this episode, I am grateful to Engel Jones for allowing to rebroadcast an interview that first went-out on his 12 Minute Convos podcast in January 2018.
Engel is an Entrepreneur & Podcast Host who set himself a goal: 800 recorded conversations in 12 weeks from Sep 19th – Dec 12th 2017.

In this conversation, hear me on the other side of the mic (for a change) talking about why I make the Explore Finland Radio Show, the motivation behind founding Xport, writing a blog for Visit Seinäjoki and the relevance of the Diana Ross song ‘Chain Reaction’.

If you know me, you won’t be surprised that my #12minconvo lasted 18 mins!

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Preserving the Culture of a Lost Karelia

Crest image by Nilakka (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Season 3, Episode 38
Recorded in 2016, I speak to Marjo Matikainen-Källström, Satu Hallonberg and Markku Pulli about Karjalaisetkesäjuhlat; the commemoration of the evacuation of 430,000 people from Karelia after World War 2 and a celebration of continuing Karelian culture. I then speak to Satu Pihlajaniemi who shares some of her family’s memories as evacuees from Karjala.

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Finnish Football Shorts Episode 6 – 10th Anniversary of SJK’s Klopit

As a supplement to the live recorded Finnish Football Show, Mark W speaks to Lari Paski, Supporters Liaison Officer and leader of the Klopit; Seinäjoki FC’s supporters group. It was recorded on the coach to watch SJK vs KPV in the Suomen Cup in February 2018 – so there’s a little background noise.

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