Pyhävuori – The Holy Mountain of Alajärvi

In this episode, I am joined again by Craterologist, Teemu Öhman, to revisit the subject of Pyhävuori. It’s an area overlooking Lake Lappajärvi, that is full of geological interest and historical mythology, featuring trolls, hermits and a sacrificial stone. From the ice age to modern days.

Following this recording, Glenn Murray and I went out to explore (and as you can see in the video) get slightly lost on) the holy mountain, Pyhävuori.

A Tour Around Lappajärvi, Europe’s Largest Crater Lake

In this episode, I speak to Teemu Öhman who is a Craterologist or, to be more precise, an Earth and planetary scientist and lecturer at Arctic Planetary Science Institute.

Teemu explained about the creation of Lake Lappajärvi in Etelä-Pohjanmaa, and then gave some recommendations of places to visit in the Lappajärvi area. All of which you can discover for yourself, using the new virtual Craterlake Geotrail