Finnish Football Show #21: Nations League, Euro 2020 Qualifiers & Suomen Cup

Join Mark (@explorefinland),  Mark (@FCSuomi) and new co-host Keke (@kekemyllari) for monthly episodes, where 3 old blokes sit and talk about football. In Finland.

In episode 21, we look back to late-2018 and Finland’s successful Nations League campaign. We discuss the 2020 qualifying competition which started last weekend (23rd and 26th March 2019).

We also cover the 2019 Suomen Cup competition, with the group games in February & March 2019, progressing onto the first knockout round in late-March. Add-in some short news stories and a few new, hopefully regular, features and it’s another high-standard Finnish Football Show.


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4. Six Things You Must Experience at Ähtäri Zoo

Photo by Anssi Nokelainen, Ähtäri Zoo

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