End of Season 2 Credits

Season 2 Credits
I decided that, like Season 1, I would also record 16 episodes for Season 2. Now it’s time to take a look back at Season 2 of the Explore Finland Radio Show, to consider the topics covered and thank everyone that agreed to be interviewed. You can still keep in touch on the various social media and don’t forget to let me know what subjects you want me to cover in season three, you never know I might find just the right person to speak to.

Guests: See the Show Notes!

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Show Notes

It never fails to impress me how generous people are with their time. I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who told me their stories in season 2. I have learned so much about my adopted homeland, and I want to continue learning more, Here is a list of all the episodes in season along with the guests that guided me on my explorations. Here’s to Season Three!

  • Episode 17 – The History of Emigration from Finland with Tella Lahti from  the Finnish Emigrant Museum
  • Episode 18 – Finnish Music Traditions: From Folk to Rap! with Piia Kleemola-Välimäki and Mika Virkkala from the Sibelius Academy
  • Episode 19 – In Competition on the Frisbee Golf Course with Pekka Hautala
  • Episode 20 – Jokkis / Finnish Folk Racing – Motor Sport for ‘Everyman’ with Emilia Uutela
  • Episode 21 – SJK Season Review 2015 – Suomen mestari! with Lari Paski
  • Episode 22 – How Much Does Finland Love Ice Cream? with Päivi Virtaniemi
  • Episode 23 – Finnish Football Show #1 – Veikkausliiga 2015 Review with Rich Nelson and Mark Hayton
  • Episode 24 – Provinssirock Festival & the Finnish Music Scene with Juha Koivisto
  • Episode 25Festivals: Midsummer Metal & Tango Camper Vans with Juha Koivisto
  • Episode 26Reconstructing Finland’s Emigrant History with Tella Lahti from  the Finnish Emigrant Museum
  • Episode 27Finnish Food: The Good , The Bad & The Weird with Miia Keski-Nikkola from Juurella restaurant
  • Episode 28 The Magic of Midnight Golf in Finland with Matias Lampinen
  • Episode 29Film & Lights Festival at ‘Matti’s Cottage’ with Mari Keskinen from Matin-Tupa Cinema
  • Episode 30Jussi paita: Ostrobothnia’s Uniform with Tytti Kuusinen & Onni Venäläinen, student Film-makers
  • Episode 31Beer Tasting at Mallaskoski Brewery with Brewmaster, Jyri Ojaluoma
  • Epsiode 32 Ice-hole Swimming & Sauna: A Natural High! with Jussi Mustikkamaa

Although I will not be publishing new episodes for a few months, you can still keep in touch on the various social media (below), and if you want to help spread the word, then please invite your friends and family to come exploring with us.

FB2  https://www.facebook.com/explorefinlandradioshow

twitter2 https://twitter.com/explorefinland

Don’t forget to let me know what subjects you want me to cover in season 3.

◊◊◊ Mark ◊◊◊

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