Road-Trip Photo Blog #2: Pohjanmaa, Vaasa Archipelago

Date: 16.9.2017 Satu and I, accompanied once more by Boris the Dog, enjoyed our first road trip so much, we decided to go out exploring a different part of Pohjanmaa once again. Below is a photo blog of our road trip, the second in this series.


Osterbotten: Kvarkens skärgård (Replot & Björköby)


Pohjanmaa: Merenkurkun ( (Raippaluoto & Björkö),22.2411419,8.61z/data=!4m2!6m1!1s1mF32uLkQwcQv6NdOzWSltf5hvsQ

Raippaluoto Island – Raippaluoto Bridge

“The Replot bridge is the longest bridge in Finland, 1045 meters, and connects the archipelago of Replot and Björkö in Korsholm municipality with the mainland. Over 2000 islanders cross the bridge daily, and the bridge also serves summer guests and other tourists visting the area. The bridge was opened at a ceremony on August 27th 1997, attended by the president of Finland (1994-2000) Martti Ahtisaari, as well as the president of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grimsson.”

Raippaluoto Island – Kalle’s Inn

“Where the road from civilisation ends lies the jewel of the Gulf of Bothnia Kalle’s Inn, a true archipelago experience with a golden edge which offers you an unforgettable visit to a breathtaking environment surrounded by peace and tranquility and the natural beauty only found along the coast of Ostrobothnia. The perfect destination for any occasion…”

“PRISMA… a new accommodation concept, launched in June 2017. Luxury standards out in nature, a true lifetime experience!”

Raippaluoto Island – Replot Harbour

“Over the years Replot has been rising from the sea, and the island area has constantly been increasing and changing shape. Approximately 1000 years ago, the Replot village of today consisted of 12 large islands and several small ones. Nowadays, Replot village is a beautiful, thriving archipelago village… Replot harbour is a meeting point, especially in the summer. There you will find a guest dock, a beach and Café Arken.”

Björkö Island – Svedjehamn, Saltkaret Tower

“Distinct traces of the land uplift, and its effect on nature and culture, can be observed in Svedjehamn, Björköby, in the heart of the Kvarken World Heritage area. Along the nature trail Bodvattnet runt, the visitor is able to learn more about these effects, while also observing the most magnificent De-Geer moraines in the Kvarken area from the 20 meter high observation tower Saltkaret.”

Björkö Island – Svedjehamn Harbour & Salteriet

“In the old building Salteriet in Svedjehamn there is a café and a boat museum, which are open during the summer.”
As you can see, the cafe at Salteriet is a cosy, traditional cafe serving snacks & coffee, hot food and wine. Well worth a visit – Mark

Thanks to Satu for joining me and taking some of the photos.

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Next road trip: Western Coast, Närpiö to Kristiinankaupunki (subscribe to the Explore Finland blog to ensure you don’t miss it!)

◊◊◊ Mark ◊◊◊

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