The Mysterious Church Stables in Närpes

Episode 35

I visit Sankta Maria church in Närpes/Närpiö, and speak to town guide, Marianne Winter. I learn why the church is surrounded by over 100 stables, about the unique Swedish dialect in Närpes and why the Vietnamese name, Nguyen, is the most common surname in Närpes.

Download an MP3 of The Mysterious Church Stables in Närpes

Gallery: Inside Sankta Maria Church

Gallery: The Stables

Finnish Words

  • Museovirasto – National Board of Antiquitites
  • Dipthong – sound of two vowels together in a word
  • Pohjanmaa/Osterbotten – the region of South Ostrobothnia in Western Finland
  • Sacristy – a room in a church where a priest prepares for a service, and where vestments and articles of worship are kept


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