Tradition & ‘Magic’: Finnish Puukko Knives

Season 3 Episode 34

I discuss the traditional Finnish Puukko knife with Ethnologist and Bushcraft champion, Marcus Lepola. We talk about it’s importance in the history of  violence, love & marriage, and everyday life in Finland.

Download an MP3 of Tradition & ‘Magic’: Finnish Puukko Knives

Video of Marcus’ victory in the Bow Drill Competition | Bushcraft Festival 2016

Finnish words

  • Pargas – Marcus’ hometown near Turku in Southern Finland
  • Riitapukari – a troublemaker
  • Vörå / Vöyri – Town near Vaasa
  • Vaari – Grandad
  • Vihta / Vasta – birch whisk used in a sauna
  • Puukko junkkari – youthful troublemakers who would fight with puukko knives


Next episiode – The Mysterious Stables of Sankta Maria Church

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