2. Being Panda Keeper at Ähtäri Zoo Is The BEST Job. Ever!

Download an MP3 of Being The Panda Keeper Is The Best Job. Ever!

Guest: Anna Palmroth, Panda Keeper, Ähtäri Zoo

The Giant Pandas Finland has welcomed to Ähtäri Zoo Resort, Jīn Bǎobǎo and Huā Bào, have been re-branded as snow pandas Lumi and Pyry. In this episode, we hear from Panda Keeper, Anna Palmroth, who explains when she became involved with the project to move the pandas to their new home at the Ähtäri Zoo panda centre.

We also discussed that Finland’s new pandas enjoy snow play, as the Finnish climate is similar to their native mountainside habitat in China, where they move up and down the mountain, among streams of running water. Anna also explains how she feeds her Snowpandas a diet of bamboo, fruit and vegetables, plus she shares her recipe for Panda Cakes – mix cornflour, rice, soy flour, eggs, vegetable oil, vitamins & minerals and water, then bake for four hours in steam oven.

Listen to the podcast to hear Anna explain the meaning of the pandas names and how they suit their personalities, why the panda mating season is a very precise procedure and why she needs to buy different FLAVOURS of bamboo.

You can read more in English and plan your Ähtäri Zoo panda visit here: https://www.ahtarizoo.fi/index.php/en/

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