1. Things To Do At Ähtäri Zoo & Snowpanda Resort When You Visit Finland

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Guest: Satu Keski-Valkama, Tourism Development Project Manager, Ähtäri Zoo

When you visit Finland, there is so much more to do than simply checking into the best luxury boutique hotels in Helsinki. In this episode, Satu Keski-Valkama explains that if you venture a little further north to the Snowpanda Resort Ähtäri Zoo, you will find plenty to fill both action-packed or relaxing weekends.

Start with a ‘panda visit’ at the Ähtäri Zoo Panda Centre, to see how Finland’s new pandas enjoy the snow. Also, the brown bear is traditional in Finland, so if you are more into brown bear watching, then this is the zoo in Finland for you especially in Springtime when they awake from hibernation. There is a collection of Scandinavian animals, Asian animals as well as the Farmi zoo farm (petting zoo)

Then, at the end of the day, relax in Hotel Mesikämmen or Naava Resort, which are situated right next to Ähtäri Zoo with views over Lake Hankivesi. From here, in summertime you can try Fatbike riding around nature trails, kayaking on the lake or, in wintertime, try snow shoe walking or skiing on 5km of illuminated ski tracks.

#SleepLikePanda #BeLikePanda

You can read more in English about Ähtäri Zoo in Finland here: https://www.ahtarizoo.fi/index.php/en/

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