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Hello. Welcome to the Ähtari Zoo podcast. My name is Mark Wiltshear, and during this series I am going to take you behind the scenes at Ähtäri Zoo.

Some of you may have heard me on the Explore Finland Radio Show and this series will have a similar feel to that. Each episode will feature an interview with one of the people that have an important role keeping the zoo running, but who we do not normally hear from.

Initially, this will be a short pilot series, but I already know you will find this a fascinating look, at the workings of a modern-day zoo. Along with this introduction episode, you can also download episode one, an introduction to Ähtäri Zoo resort, and episode two, a conversation with the Panda Keeper. You’ll have to wait a little longer for the interview with the Zoo Vet, but it is worth the wait.

The podcast will be supported by blog posts that highlight some of the unique aspects of Ähtäri; at first this will focus on the zoo but,  with your support, it could expand to include the town of Ähtäri and the surrounding area – there is plenty here to show you.

So if you want the series to continue, then we need to hear from you. Whichever episode you are enjoying, please share it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to tag the zoo @ÄhtäriZoo and me @explorefinland and use the hashtag #AhtariZooPodcast. While you’re doing this, why not tell us where in the world you are?

This will help spread the word about this new podcast. It will also demonstrate to everyone in Ähtäri that there is an international audience for this show and it may convince then to continue making it – it’s up to you now, listener.

Thank you for listening, remember to subscribe to the show so you get new episodes when they are published. Now continue with episode one and learn about the “Things To Do At Ähtäri Zoo & Snowpanda Resort When You Visit Finland




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