A Guided Tour of Kyrö Whisky and Gin Distillery

Episode 42

In part two of a two-part episode, I speak with Kalle Valkonen , Co-Founder and Head Distiller at Kyrö Distillery. He gives me a personal tour of the distillery, taking me step-by-step through the distilling processes of both Kyrö Rye Whisky & Kyrö Napue Gin and answering questions, such as: What is malting? And what are the ‘heads and tails’?

Download an MP3 of A Guided Tour of Kyrö Whisky and Gin Distillery

Kyrö Distillery Tour

  1. Malt storage and milling
  2. Mashing and fermenting
  3. Whisky distillation
  4. Whisky barrel storage
  5. Gin distillation
  6. Bottling room

Finnish Words

  • Hapankorppu – Finnish sourdough crispbread


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