A Guided Tour of Culture Centre ‘Vanha Paukku’ in Lapua

Episode 46

Part one of a two-part episode, I undertake a tour of the Kulttuurikeskus ‘Vanha Paukku’ with two expert guides; Susanna Oversteyns, Cultural Director and Sakari Hanhimäki, Museum Director. HUGE thanks also to Anu Haavisto, Leena Sarjola and Anniina Kivimäki for the impromptu, live performance of some haunting Finnish folk music. Mahtava!

Download an MP3 of A Guided Tour of Culture Centre ‘Vanha Paukku’ in Lapua

Stops on Mark’s Tour of Kulttuurikeskus Vanha Paukku

  • Lapuanjoki Museum
  • Gallery
  • Library
  • Community College
    • Art school
    • Music school
  • Lapua Art Museum
  • Creative Community
  • Art workspace and the International Artist Residency
  • Lapuan Kankurit
  • Chapel of Remembrance (Pajakappeli)
  • Bio Marilyn
  • Mallaskuun brewery restaurant

Photo Gallery

Finnish Words

  • Vanha paukku – ‘Old Bang’
  • Iso tehdas – Big factory
  • Iso prässi – Large Press
  • Magasiini – Storehouse
  • Työkalu tehdas – Tool factory
  • Oodi – name of the new library in Helsinki
  • Lulujan osasto
  • Juka tupa – ‘Jukka’s cottage’ disabled charity


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