“Ammunition, Fascism, Photography” A Few Steps Through the History of Lapua

Episode 47

As part of my guided tour around Culture Centre ‘Vanha Paukku’ in Lapua, we stop for an extended visit in the Lapuanjoki Museum. Museum Director, Sakari Hanhimäki and Cultural Director, Susanna Oversteyns regale me with historical tales of Espionage, Poisoning, Fascism, An Attempted Coup… and Photography!? Includes an intriguing revelation from Susanna’s family history.

Download an MP3 of “Ammunition, Fascism, Photography” A Few Steps Through the History of Lapua

Mark’s Tour of the Lapuanjoki Museum

  • Cartridge Factory exhibition | Lapuan Patruunatehtaan museo
  • The Lapua Movement display | Lapuan liikkeen näyttely
  • Pyhälahti Photgraphy Studio exhibition | Pyhälahden Valokuvaamomuseo


Finnish Words

  • Vanha paukku – ‘Old Bang’
  • Iso tehdas – Big factory
  • Magasiini – Storehouse
  • Muilutus – the act of disappearing people back to Russia in the middle of the night
    • Named after the man who carried-out this work, Mr Muilu


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