Kristina Vänni’s ‘Homefarm’ Cookbook: Taking Finnish Cuisine into American Kitchens

Episode 33

I speak to internationally recognised culinary authority and TV host, Kristina Vänni, who is also a food writer, TV host, recipe developer, cooking contest expert. We discuss her upcoming cookbook, Homefarm, but also her Finnish roots in Peräseinäjoki, Etelä Pohjanmaa.

She tells the  the story of her Great-Grandmother, Josefiina Pitäkranta’s emigration to the USA in 1899 and how Kristina came to connect with her distant relatives, her ‘return’ to Pitkäranta Farm and the inspiration for her book.

Download an MP3 of Kristina Vänni’s ‘Homefarm’ Cookbook – Taking Finnish Cuisine Into American Kitchens


Finnish words

  • Härkis – vegetarian alternative to minced/ground meat.
    • Derives from the word härkäpapu – broad bean
  • Viipalepikkuleivät – ‘sliced cookies’
  • Mustikkapiirakka – Blueberry pie
  • Kotijuusto or Leipäjuusto – Literally ‘bread cheese’, also known in the United States as Finnish squeaky cheese


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